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IncluIT is an old, mature and rockin’ as a well-established IT company where our past speaks for itself, our present is even better and our future is mind blowing!

Since 1994, we have consolidated a mature nearshore destination into a global, high-level tech service for Software Development, QA – Automation Testing, IoT, Mobile, DevOps, ITO, AI, Blockchain and training programs.

Our long trajectory (in handling the giants and the not-so giants) is still flexible and continuously evolving.

  • Ramping up high-performance squads in our 5 delivery centers in Argentina (well known as Harriague+asociados), allows the client´s portfolio to leverage productivity standards, quality gates and predictable outcomes.
  • Due to a friendly time-zone alignment, it is an ideal environment for real-time agile development and communication with on-site teams.
  • Our cultural devotion to Agile methodologies is embedded in every project and best suited for nearshore outsourcing opportunities.
  • We build a broad, panoramic view of the solution – from scratch to production – minimizing risks and delivery issues.
  • Embraced in a collaborative atmosphere of distributed teams across the world, IncluIT invests in Client Success with a passion for achieving digital transformation and innovation milestones.

Client Relations

Key factors such as cultural fit, time-zone, language fluency, elite talent tech hub and economic added-value place IncluIT at an advantage over other outsourcing providers.

Cultural Fit :: Attitude

  • Western and Latin American cultures are very similar, making it impossible to figure out if the engineering team is operating from different locations or if they are all on the same site.
  • Argentineans are well-known for being autodidacts, autonomous, decision-makers, entrepreneurs, initiative-driven and able to handle and overcome an unpredictable crisis.

Time-zone Alignment

GMT-3 permits high-performance squads in Argentina to match our client´s working hours and boost productivity:

  • 1 hour ahead EST
  • 2 hours ahead CST
  • 4 hours ahead PST

Language Fluency

Argentina is ranked as the “Best English” in Latin America by Cambridge University; thus, fostering fluent and constant communication between our team and the client.

EliteTalent Tech Hub

Argentina has the most important Tech Hub in the region.

  • It has the largest number of university students in Latin America.
  • It has 55 internationally well-known public universities (free and open to everyone) and 44 private universities.
  • It is the first choice in university studies for many Latin-Americans.

IncluIT Economic Added-Value Advantages

  • Our at-the-speed-of-light ramp-up of high-performance squads concocts the perfect formula to inject cost-effective productivity into any industry vertical.
  • Lower resource rates than North America and Europe.
  • IncluIT is the perfect destination for sophisticated IT projects: for our economic value, and our solutions that arrive on time, work first time and are not subject to over-runs, rework, and unbudgeted support costs.


Why IncluIT


Elite Project Governance

  • Project Governance becomes the differentiator when it comes to Agile methodologies and assuring predictable outcomes.
  • Investing in Client Success, IncluIT assigns an elite squad of architects, delivery managers and PMs, guiding Agile best practices and mature models.
  • Our collaborative management is a quality guarantee to control project roadmaps, mitigate risk and eliminate uncertainty.
  • Our executive team plays an active role and is accessible to all clients at any time.
  • Besides the fact that our rates are lower than other firms, it is actually our outstanding end-to-end service that makes the “Right Shore” and where IncluIT excels.

IncluIT Philosophy