What is a Tech Group?

Technology Groups are a managed space for research and development, challenging the status quo through the research, pilot, and deployment of disruptive technologies.

Why are tech groups important?

  • Help people grow in their career path.
  • Provide support to implement best practices in projects.
  • Provide support for technical decisions on projects
  • Provide business opportunities.
  • Research new technologies and techniques.
  • Define training needs and plan.
  • Contribute to communities.
  • Drive to innovation.


Cloud & DevOps

Combine the best cloud technologies, continuous integration and continuous delivery practices.

Multiscreen Development

Nowadays services must provide world-class application development services for all platforms.

Microservices & Backend

Developed, deployed, operated, and scaled without affecting the functionality of other services.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

AI allows creating new and better services and user experiences.

Agile and Organizational Excellence

Agile and high quality philosophy and mindset system thinking.

Graphics and Media Engines

Design and development applications, media content and video-games.

Internet Of Things

Connect and process data from any device at any time.

User Experience and Design

Designing relevant experiences strategy to worldwide digital challenge.

Quality Assurance

High quality products that meet the needs of demanding users.