The client, dedicated to manufacturing communications equipment and components to enable broadband voice and data transmission and to build television broadcast networks, primarily markets large cable network operators from the different continents and, therefore, their products reach millions of users around the globe.


The client needed to create web services for a media solutions project. This project included receiving the multimedia file from the content provider as well as its users playing the content.

The project entailed the creation of a user interface to be able to internally manage the media, allowing the edition of contracts, assets among others. In addition to this, the application needed to allow to view and control alarms and internal errors that are generated in the system.


2 Scrum teams of 5 developers each and 1 Scrum Master

1 Scrum team of 3 members each in charge of Testing and integration.

1 Scrum team of 4 developers, 1Css, 2 QA and 1 Scrum Master.

Applied Technology

Scrum Methodology, Java 7, Spring, Guice, Gin, Rest WS, RestEasy

Hibernate – JPA, Junit 4, EasyMock, Hsql, GWT, GXT, CSS, Mysql, Oracle, maven.

Other: Jboss, tomcat, Jenkins, Sonar