Ticket Integration


The client is part of one of the largest telecom groups worldwide, with a presence in 18 countries in America and 200+ million users: 262 million wireless subscribers, 30.7 million landlines, 18.2 million broadband accesses and 17.8 million PayTV units.


The client needed to solve a communications issue with their employees regarding pending tickets (issues or incidents). Tickets are currently sent to all employees in charge of repairs, which can turn out to be very unproductive, because the employees need to go through all notifications to view which ones are assigned to their group.


The idea was to build a system that would centralize ticket communication by filtering them for each group and notifying the person in charge of solving it. The application would enable the person in charge of solving the issue to visualize the tickets assigned to them, access relevant information for ticket resolution, configure whether to receive the alerts or not, reassign the ticket to another person or group, and change ticket status through their mobile device instantly.

The platform would be very versatile; its middleware Backend would allow it to connect with Remedy or any other Management System through exposure to a RESTful API.


A development that allows the client to centralize ticket communication and assignment to specific employee groups or individuals who will receive a notification including details of the issue directly on their mobile phone. This enables employees to organize their time in a better way by providing them with instant ticket information and the possibility to set their priorities during a work day. Overall, this results in a major saving for our client due to an increase in employee productivity.

Applied Technology

Java, Android, Play Services, Location, Maps, Sensors, Google Cloud Message