This company has the largest market share in the microprocessors that go into desktop and notebook computers, smartphones, tablets and computer servers worldwide. With a global footprint in 60+ countries and 80+ employees, this client’s mission for this decade is to create and extend computing technology to connect and enrich the lives of every person on earth.


The company needed to develop different modules to capture and make information obtained from the cell phone sensors more semantic in order to develop a library useful for the community of developers worldwide.

The client needed to launch the product for developers fast, before major competitors.


The library was developed to obtain all types of information from mobile devices: battery information, device information, text messages sent and received, detailed information of the person’s physical activity (walking, running, etc.), terminal’s position, obtaining calendar and contact information, etc.

This is all sent to the cloud so as to allow interactions through a complete analysis of all the information collected.

IncluIT’s development made the information available for developers worldwide.


The developed modules enabled device information to be obtained; these modules were integrated into the client’s library and they are currently running successfully.

The client has been able to capture developers’ attention and have them use their library instead of their competitor´s.

Applied Technology

Java, Android, Play Services, Location, Maps, Sensors, Google Cloud Message, Activity Recognition,