Recommendation Engine


This company has the largest market share in the microprocessors that go into desktop and notebook computers, smartphones, tablets and computer servers worldwide. With a global footprint in +60 countries and +80 employees, this client’s mission for this decade is to create and extend computing technology to connect and enrich the lives of every person on earth.


The client needed to rapidly design and implement a Beta version of a recommendation service aimed at mobile and social media applications developers everywhere in the world.

Recommendation services collect information from users’ activity on the web and try to analyze user preferences, the actions taken and the context in which it takes place. The client needed to offer a set of services that would allow the applications developers to analyze user behavior and be able to generate recommendations on the product of their choice to be able to enable a user experience according to their interests.

IncluIT represented a rapid and reliable solution for this project mainly due to its experience in this type of solutions for such a large market and also due to the high-quality resources available at the time.


IncluIT participated in the solution’s design and was in complete charge of the implementation. As the months went by, and thanks to IncluIT’s rapid response, three services were made available to applications developers, two additional services from what was originally required:

  • A recommendations service that provides customized recommendations to each user.
  • A product catalog service where all products developers offer are stored
  • A feedback collections service that collects users opinions and actions on the applications


IncluIT’s contribution resulted in:

  • Cost reduction due to outsourcing part of the solution design and the complete implementation
  • Speeding up both processes and be able to reach the deployment due date in 6 months; consequently, the Beta version and user behavior evaluation was possible
  • Identify, design, develop and implement two additional services to enhance user experience

Applied Technology

RESTFull API implemented over WFC 4.0

MongoDB for data storage

HADOOP/MAHOUT for information analysis