Pharmacies App


The Government of Chile, following their legal framework in terms of Transparency of Data and Information Access, is actively working to comply with the OGP action plan set in 2012. Chile has been positioned as one of the most committed nations for complying with their OGP action plan in 79%.


The government wanted to centralize and make useful information available to citizens. The information made available aimed at increasing citizen involvement in the different action plans. This particular module handles information about open pharmacies from a particular region in Chile, their contact information, how to get to them and open hours.

JUNAR and IncluIT worked together in the solution following client requirements and using industry best practices and knowledge to provide a world-class application.


The client decided to develop an Android application that would enable anyone with a mobile device in Chile to localize open pharmacies at any time. The application also allows users to report pharmacies that do not follow the published schedules.


The app has allowed:

  • Easy deployment and maintenance of the open data with no additional investments in IT
  • Make information accessible and train citizens to unblock resources online
  • Use the Junar API to allow developers to access data from their platforms programmatically

Two months after the launch of the application, there are 500 downloads in Android and X in iOS.

The development of this application has positioned Chile as one of the most committed nations with Open Government Partnership philosophy thanks to the provision of more and better services to citizens and better life quality.

Applied Technology

Android, Java