The client, dedicated to manufacturing communications equipment and components to enable broadband voice and data transmission and to build television broadcast networks, primarily markets large cable network operators from the different continents and, therefore, their products reach millions of users around the globe.


The client was looking for a solution that enabled playing and recording movies, TV programs and events from CATV companies on different devices (TV sets, tablets and smartphones), and, therefore, respond to the growing user demand on mobile video services on different devices.

The portal should enable:

  • Manage content by: users, language change and parental control
  • Recommend digital content according to user profile


IncluIT participated in the development of the Back End and fully developed the Front End, focusing mainly on User Experience. By focusing on user experience, the portal sought to be different from other available portals on the market by providing the possibility of customizing and recommending based on content.

The portal was created by following agile methodologies and keeping in mind the users’ point of view, user-friendly functions and an array of diverse technologies available in today’s households.

1 Scrum development team.

1 Scrum QA Team.

3 Scrum masters coordinating the different teams.


IncluIT’s contribution enables our client to:

  • Reduce considerably time to market
  • Increase current market share
  • Reach the main CATV companies worldwide

The company has gained one client for this development for whom different performance tasks are carried out.

This client was selected winner in the UK at the TV Connect Awards for the development Merchandizer, it won the “Best Service Delivery Platform for IPTV and OTT” category.

Applied Technology

Scrum Methodology , Java 6, Spring, Jbehave, SOAP Web Services

Oracle, Hibernate, Maven, Junit 4, EasyMock, Hsql, Jenkins