Bikeways Providencia

Development of Android App that searches bicycle paths in the region of Providencia, Chile

This Android OS app searches bicycle paths in the region of Providencia, Chile, enabling citizens to access the display of bike lanes, its traffic, pick up points and bicycle repair shops.


The City of Providencia Traffic Division, together with Junar, who offers the easiest way to use cloud-based open data platform. It enables businesses, governments, NGOs and the academic world to release data that fosters new opportunities, collaboration and transparency. Some of the world’s leading companies trust Junar’s most valuable assets: its information and the population that uses it.


The government needed to centralize and publicize information that would be very useful for citizens of a particular region. The application would have an overview of all bicycle paths in the geographical area of Providencia’s municipality.


Development of an Android app that enabled any interested person with a mobile device to access and use this information at any time.



The details of the new app:

  • Easy implementation and maintenance of open data without IT investments.
  • Accessibility, enabling citizens to unlock online information resources.
  • It use Junar API to allow data access to developers from your applications by programming.
  • Contributes to improving urban mobility, through proper municipal traffic management, synchronized with the relevant entities.

Applied Technology

Location, Google Maps, Sensors