Studio Fintech

FinTech Solutions:
  • Digital Payments
  • Compliance Services (B.C.R.A.)
  • Cloud Services
  • Blockchain
  • Asset Tokenization
FinTech Revolution

New technologies applied to the Finance sector (FinTech) have been revolutionizing the market.By offering faster solutions, reducing time and money resources, reinventing user experiences and creating better channels to facilitate the inclusion ofevery social player, the community is embraced in these considerable changes within the banking industry. Perhaps we can assume that over the next ten years, the banking system as we see it today, will experience a higher level of change than it has experienced in the last 100 years.

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B.C.R.A. Compliance

The Argentina Central Bank (B.C.R.A.) updated its banking regulations (6354-6375) allowing banks to use outsourced services from the cloud, considering the measure as an aid for national banks in order for them to be competitive against FinTech startups. More precisely, it states that financial institutions may contract, totally or partially, third party Information Technology Services such as Data Processing Services, Communications Technology Services, Technology Infrastructure and Systems Services (SIS), among others.

Cloud Services
  • Assessment for on-premises applications migration to the cloud.
  • IT personnel trainings.
  • Architectural definitions that take advantage of the capabilities and benefits of the Cloud.
  • Definition of compliance strategies for regulations (B.C.R.A. 6354 – 6375).
  • Cloud implementation support for specific entities regulations.
  • Methodology outlines for an IT Services’ nearshore partnership establishment.
  • Telecommunications strategy definitions for on-premises with Cloud and hybrid connections.