Studio DevOps

Continuous Delivery Build Pipeline at IncluIT

IncluITDevOps Studio Principles
  • 100% automation build, test and deploy.
  • Creative teams with shared objectives.
  • Overcome failure, recover automatically and degrade gracefully.
  • Strong source control.
  • Test early and often.
  • Automate everything (through pipelines).
  • Fine-grained service architecture.
  • Lean principles and continuous value delivery.
  • Experiment openly.
  • Elastic cloud resources supply.

Why Continuous Delivery?
  • Better and faster software.
  • Development time is uncertain.
  • Continuous feedback.
  • Reduce risks.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Reduce deployment  complexity.
  • Emergency fixes.
  • The release time must be a business decision, not technical.
  • Time-To-Market
    Reduce time-to-market up to 50% throughout streamlined software delivery.
  • Throughput
    Increase team productivity and deliver a faster new functionality.
  • Risk
    Early quality concerns identification and defects reduction up to 30% across the lifecycle.
  • Resiliency
    The operational state is more stable and secure, also changes are systematically auditable.

Why IncluIT?

Expertise in complex delivery, integration and
platforms: on-prem, cloud, and hybrid.

Common Toolset

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