We work closely with our clients in the solution to one of the most complex problems in today’s market: Hiring IT professionals.


Understanding the needs of the market, foreseeing the demand, identifying the problems of our sector are premises that guide our actions; we offer our clients our experience in the recruiting, search and selection of IT professionals process through tools and methodologies that validate each of the professionals’ profile and guarantee the right professional for the right position.Our proposal includes two types of relationships:

Hiring the new talent becomes part of the Client’s staff. The client will, from the beginning, include the professional in their payroll and will assume all employer responsibility.

Outsourcing , these professionals will be engaged in tasks set by the client by being active members of their teams, under their leadership and management with no contractual bonds with the client.


Our company is constituted by a number of expert professionals in diverse technologies; it is our mission to walk by our clients side and collaborate in the development of their processes by contributing our expertise and know-how that are one of our main capitals. Our solutions are agile and flexible; we adapt our structure to different clients’ needs. We thoroughly understand the problems of the market and can consequently respond in a proper and timely manner. Our solutions comprise services, areas or products together with their consequent follow up in terms of management, technical support, efficient delivery and the soft skills of all of our team members. All of these enable:

Direct and indirect cost reduction
Reductions in investment
Switch from fixed to variable cost
Focus on core business
Increase in productive capacity
Competitive advantage
More flexibility
Shorter execution terms
Growing incomes

We follow closely the growth of our professionals, guaranteeing the gain of new knowledge through workshops and techniques that add value to their profiles. We respond to our clients’ requirements with flexibility, adaptability and speed to answer to the market’s demands in order to stay at the forefront of technology. In order to generate new profiles that respond to a future demand, we are constantly taking care of the training of professionals in different fields of expertise. 


Taking care of our human capital, their needs, motivation and personal/group interests are the main indicators that guide our steps in the Talent Management Area. To be able to cope with our day-to-day challenges in terms of consolidating working teams, generating commitment and instilling proactivity, we have a devoted team of professionals that deal with these issues on an everyday basis. By implementing sound employee benefits policy, communications policy, and fostering strong ties among team members, we have generated the right environment to contribute to the constitution of sustainable teams.