Innovation and Discipline

After performing extensive in-depth research on Organizational innovation management, seems clear and beneficial adopting as primary engine of growth. Let’s see together why companies should consider to foster expansion.

Face-to-face conversation continues to be the key way of communication, thus to agree on the role of innovation:

  • Encouraging company to achieve new OKRs
  • and to improve competitiveness of the team.

Making each organizational player strengths available to team up:

  • Technical Leaders work to become aware of the projects, technologies and knowledge around innovation.
  • Managers and Technical Leaders elaborate to define a common language that describes innovation in different projects.
  • Managers together with support areas collaborate improving processes and monitoring tools, measurement and control that goes along with innovation.
  • Leadership management and teams can then identify main initiatives for the next period.

The focus is centered on each step making sense towards organizational balance, combining:

  • customer-centered initiatives,
  • initiatives in the trend space
  • and creating favorable conditions for disruptive transformation of every team.

Another turnkey point in tune relates to people involved on innovation initiatives always have a sense of ownership and pride for projects and actions they carry out.

This deep commitment allows evolutionary dynamics development to promote the best ideas and eliminate the noise, although they may be viable too in the near future.

The innovation process must be transparent and guarantee organization knows what is being decided, why, and how it benefits the company. In this way, innovation ceases to be the responsibility of a few to become an important and motivating organic challenge.

Finally, applying principles of order, constancy, and perseverance to tolerate frustration, mitigate risks and generate new plans in response, will establish innovation as a source of power to take the next leap and leveraging discipline as the main framework.

Mariana Duobaitis
& Review: Kevin Kowalski