Amazing things are achieved by Teams. Real Transformation

I personally admire iconic leaders and the cultural movement they represent for their unique characteristics, profound thought and transforming energy and I even believe that it could be part of the need to identify ourselves with these values.


It is great to see that a Nobel Peace Prize 2017 was awarded to an NGO, unknown for many including me. Its name is ICAN, an NGO made up of members of different countries, cultures and religions with one main goal. Thus confirming the trend that most Nobel are a team.

I myself do not remember seeing an NGO as winner of a Nobel and after googling it, I could not find any.  However, the images below show that teams double individuals.

The concept of team transcends us.


We have been able to achieve, understand and transmit and sometimes build ONE TEAM (the customer, us as a software company and third parties who may participate in the same project).

The team should always reach an agreement on the main, general objective to have a holistic view of the different teams´ individual goals. In the complex network of all actors lies the true strength and potential of the team.


When you belong to a positive team, the objectives are nourished by it and the goal becomes clearer with different views, the process flows better, the team fails less, enjoys more, learns more and it has better chances to feel happy and fulfilled.


Rafael Ibañez