A Proof of Concept (or PoC) is generally done early in the software development cycle. The plan is used to validate technical feasibility, helps identify potential stumbling blocks, identifies what a platform can or can’t provide, helps determine the scope and level of customization necessary to complete the project.
IncluIT is the hands-on technical expert who understands the industry and business processes involved. Defines measurable success criteria at each stage to improve the deliverables quality to be achievable on time and budget. Introduces the best resources at the right time and aligning expectations for a successful adoption helps to set achievable milestone dates and, more importantly, to effectively manage the scope. Also, test the usability ease, check compatibility with existing databases or servers and open to continuous design refinement to emphasize on the must-haves.

PoC Documentation provided:

  • The architecture detail which will be used for development.
  • All technologies and third party tools involved.
  • All the modules with its brief functionality.

Additionally IncluIT provides a scalable proposition to move forward if the POC feedback proves to be successful, advancing into a MVP project.