Cresting Project

cresting_projectCresting Project is a space created with the idea of promoting the innovation on a business and the purpose of maximizing all the human resources wanting to transcend. The concept of Cresting, implicate evolve the human resources on humans with resources (talent) to transform your ideas on good choices. We identify opportunities and pick em to evaluate the potential and after providing the tools necessaries to bring these ideas to sustainable business and profitable.

Cresting Project is a convergence point between those who need the technology to prosper innovating and who have the vision for these technologies to meet their company objectives. The innovation space that proposes means, in essence, a place of creativity where we use technology tools to find advantages, products, and services that transform into business solutions and subsequently in companies, building an environment that integrates talent and in the meantime be a way to feed the future.

Projects 2013

  1. Benefans
  2. Lab Automated Testing
  3. Lab Mobile Android
  4. BaaS – Backend as a Service

Projects 2014

  1. Outsourcing software platform
  2. Gestar ITIL Express
  3. Lab UI-UX

Projects 2015

  1. Open Mobile (Platform for citizens)
  2. Local Government’s Platform (Safe Bus Communication/Information between private government and public citizen)
  3. Mobile Market Share (Trends measurement on business markets of TELCOS)
  4. ViCatĀ (Video catalog for digital TV)
  5. Q-Delivery (Platform for DevOps)

Projects 2016/2017

  1. IMBots (ChatBots + WhatsApp)
  2. G7 Platform Technology Migration
  3. Task Generator Engine
  4. Automate in the Cloud

Cresting Project support, lead and co-create with intra-entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and business associated with the spirit of the innovation and creation of value.

We support an economic development of the society, in a sustainable way. We like this democratic expression of creating value, that reflects this equation:


What demand of an intra-entrepreneur?

  • Know what is that this propose and what problem solve
  • What market point
  • Presentation of the Business Model (LikeĀ Canvas u others, non-exclusive)
  • What have of innovative