Garbage Truck


The client is a municipality that has obtained ISO 9001 and 14001 because of its management system. It is one of the communes with the highest quality of life, also, it's the cleanest and safest of Chile.


As an answer to citizens requests, for optimization the collector service that has the responsibility of cleaning the streets, the municipality pull a new waste collector service.

The goal was a cleaner and organized city. With this new system, the municipality wants to develop a tool that allows neighbors coordinate waste delivery, so the trash remains less time on the streets.


The solution is to develop a mobile app so neighbors can see trucks locations and time remaining to pass through their homes. This app is a mobile collaborative work that involves Incluit and Junar (Open Data Platform).

Garbage Truck App


The new app has this characteristic:

•Detect neighbor location.

•Detect garbage truck location.

•Shows truck road.

•Shows the road ahead of the truck.

•Indicates remaining time until the truck passes the user home.

•Indicates if the truck is operative.

•Shows days and time schedule of trash collection.

Applied Technology

Location, Google Maps, Sensors